Choose an eyeliner that is appropriate for your eye color

Browns,gold, bronzes, and plums are great for lighter eyes, and darker eyes can pull off a more dramatic black backdrop and even wilder colors like turquoise and white. Forest greens can make brown eyes pop. Silvers and charcoals look best on green and blue eyes; rich red browns for green eyes and golds for blue eyes.

Consider the type of look you're trying to achieve.

Pencil eyeliners will give your eyes soft definition, while liquid versions offer precision and drama. There is a wide variety of powder liners available, and you can also moisten dark eyeshadow and apply it with a small, flat brush to double as liner.

Tilt your head back slightly and bring your eyes to a half-open state. This creates a good angle for application, while allowing you to see what you're doing.

Draw a line across the upper lid on the lash line (as close to your lashes as possible while still on the lid). This creates the desired illusion of having thicker lashes.

If you're using liquid liner, allow it to dry before opening your eyes all the way, or the color may transfer into the crease of your eye.

Line the lower lids . Trace the outside of your eye (close to the lower lashes). Moving from the outside edge inward.


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